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Botanische onderwijsplaten 1870 - 1960
Title: Botanische onderwijsplaten 1870 - 1960
Title alternative: Educational botanical wall charts 1870 - 1960; The art of knowledge: educational botanical wall charts 1870 - 1960
Publisher: Koninklijke Bibliotheek / The Memory of the Netherlands Project Office
Abstract: In the course of the last century and a half, large colour representations of plants and parts of plants were used to illustrate lectures on botany: the so-called educational wall charts. They give an impression of the knowledge, research and academical education in the field of botany in the Netherlands during the years 1870-1960. Drawing on the huge collections of the Universities of Groningen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Delft and Wageningen, totalling some 2,300 printed and handmade wall charts, a selection has been made for the Memory of the Netherlands. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Illustrations, models, miniatures (580.22);
Education (580.71)
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