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Type Specimen Catalog of Fungi
Title: Type Specimen Catalog of Fungi
Creator: New York Botanical Garden <Bronx, NY>
Abstract: Work is underway to catalog the type specimens of fungi at the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium, as a continuation of the Type Specimen Catalog Project. The Cataloging of Vascular Plant Type Specimens was completed in 2002. The type specimens of rust fungi (Pucciniaceae) were completed several years ago, and types from recently incorporated herbaria (e.g., Tulane University, Kansas State University) have also been cataloged. The current focus of the Type Specimen Catalog for Fungi is the mushrooms and related groups of fungi (i.e., Macrofungi). A complete type catalog record for Macrofungi includes a wider variety of elements than plant specimens, to permit a complete evaluation of key taxonomic features. These fungi are characterized by an ephemeral spore-bearing structure that changes drastically upon drying. Therefore, in addition to a transcription of the specimen label and an image of the specimen, type catalog records for fungi include text, images of associated unpublished notes and drawings, published descriptions and images of spore print, living organism, or microscopic features. These supplemental items, which are not all maintained physically with the related specimen, can now be associated with it virtually. Some of the items in the Macrofungi type specimen catalog are illustrated below [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (579.5);
Mushrooms (579.6)
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