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Nomenclature of Eumycetozoa (Myxomycetes, Dictyostelids and Protostelids)
Title: Nomenclature of Eumycetozoa (Myxomycetes, Dictyostelids and Protostelids)
Creator: Hernández-Crespo, Juan Carlos; Lado, Carlos
Abstract: Nomenclature of Eumycetozoa is an on-line nomenclatural information system of the Eumycetozoans (Myxomycetes, Dictyostelids and Protostelids) of the world, providing information on more than 4,000 names employed in this group. It is based on an extensible information system prototype in development by Juan Carlos Hernández-Crespo. The data are from an extended updated Nomenmyx, a nomenclatural taxa base of Myxomycetes, compiled by Carlos Lado. The application can search by different ranks, can show the history of a name, all the synonyms of one species, all the taxa described or combined by an author, or all the taxonomic proposals in a specific publication. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (579.5)
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