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Haller 300
Title: Haller 300
Title alternative: Haller 300 (1708-2008); Albrecht von Haller - Scientist, Poet, Physician, Civil Servant
Creator: Albrecht von Haller-Stiftung der Burgergemeinde Bern
Abstract: October 16, 2008 marks the 300th anniversary of Albrecht von Haller’s birth. Haller, a true polymath, is one of the most noteworthy indiviuals of the era of Enlightenment. His prominent efforts, as the founder of experimental physiology, researcher of Swiss flora and alpine poet were groundbreaking in the fields of medicine, botany and literature. During his tenure in Göttingen he set up the botanical garden and moulded the newly established university as a modern research institution. As magistrate for Bern he kept his region safe from the cattle plague that raged throughout Europe, and he developed energy-saving techniques for the extraction of salt. As a polymath and careful observer of his time he advanced his opinions on practically every domain of science and facet of human existence. As a great communicator he exchanged thousands of letters with people throughout Europe. His life and work reflect on a time of great change that still affects us today. The Albrecht von Haller Foundation of the Burgergemeinde Bern launches in collaboration with the University of Bern and other partners a series of events in 2008/09 which present Haller as a paradigmatic figure between Ancien Régime and modern science. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Botanists (580.92)
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