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Zürcher Herbarien
Title: Zürcher Herbarien
Title alternative: Herbarien Z+ZT, Herbarium ZSS; Züricher Herbarien
Publisher: Universität / Institut für Systematische Botanik / Herbarium Z
Abstract: The combined herbaria of the University and ETH Zürich include some 3.5 Mio specimens of vascular plants, mosses, algae and fungi from all areas of the world. The herbarium of the Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich focuses entirely on the diversity of succulent plants from all over the world and counts about 25.000 specimens. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Information / Herbaria Z+ZT / Herbarium ZSS / Database / Loan & Exchange / Visits / Staff / Links
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (580.74)
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