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IAPT - International Association for Plant Taxonomy
Title: IAPT - International Association for Plant Taxonomy
Title abbreviated: IAPT
Abstract: The purpose of the Association, founded at the Seventh International Botanical Congress in Stockholm on 18 July 1950, is to carry out projects of interest and concern to systematic biologists, especially those which require or profit from international cooperation. This it has achieved with distinction for almost half a century. IAPT is dedicated to organismal biodiversity the extent, recognition, organisation, evolution, and naming of plants and fungi, both living and fossil. To those wishing to be at the forefront of these issues, membership in IAPT will be rewarding. The IAPT maintains the International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature, and engages in a wide range of activities consistent with its focus. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: TAXON / Projects / Grants program / Nomenclature / Plant Systematics Book / Regnum vegetabile.
Subject: Philosophy and theory in botany (580.1)
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