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GBIF Portal
Title: GBIF Portal
Title alternative: Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Portal
Creator: GBIF = Global Biodiversity Information Facility / Secretariat Copenhagen <Copenhagen>
Abstract: GBIF is an open-ended international co-ordinating body set up with the overall aim of furthering technical and scientific efforts to develop and maintain a global information facility for sharing of digital biodiversity data. The purpose of GBIF is to promote, co-ordinate, design and implement the compilation, linking, standardisation, digitisation and global dissemination of the world’s biodiversity data, within an appropriate framework for property rights and due attribution. GBIF will work in close co-operation with established programmes and organisations that compile, maintain and use biological information resources. The Participants, working through GBIF, will establish and support a distributed information system that will enable users to access and utilise considerable quantities of existing and new biodiversity data. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Organizations and management (570.6);
Museums, collections, exhibits (570.74)
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