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Malvaceae Info
Title: Malvaceae Info
Creator: Hinsley, Stewart R.
Abstract: The Malvaceae Info web site provides information, both botanical and horticultural, on the angiosperm family Malvaceae sensu APG (which includes the traditional Bombacaceae and much of the traditional Sterculiaceae (± Byttneriaceae) and Tiliaceae), together with a little material on related families in the order Malvales and of general botanical content. The traditional Malvaceae sensu strictu consists of the mallows, abutilons, cotton, hibiscuses and related plants; the extended family Malvaceae sensu APG also contains baobabs, balsa, kapok, kola, cacao, jute, limes (lindens), durians and a wide variety of other plants. Malvaceae Info is targeted at botanists, natural historians, horticulturalists and gardeners. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Biology / Classification / Descriptions of genera / Digital herbarium / Economic uses / Lamvaceae gallery / Literature.
Subject: Dilleniidae (583.6)
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