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World Information Network on Biodiversity (REMIB)
Title: World Information Network on Biodiversity (REMIB)
Title abbreviated: REMIB
Title alternative: Red Mundial de Información sobre Biodiversidad
Creator: Red Mundial de Información sobre Biodiversidad
Abstract: Biological collections are one of the main sources of information on biological diversity. The large quantity of information they represent and the fact that they are dynamic require, for their consultation and updating, the use of specialized computer tools. Gathering these collections in an information network allows not only for the connection of the main databanks, the updating of information and direct contact with specialists, but also access, exchange and consultation of data open to the public in general throughout the world. The World Biodiversity Information Network (REMIB) is a computerized system of biological information (it includes databases of a curatorial, taxonomic, ecological, cartographic, bibliographic, ethno-biological type, use of catalogues on natural resources and other subject matters), based on an academic inter-institutional decentralized and international organization, formed by research and higher education centers, both public and private, that possess both scientific biological collections and data banks. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (570.74);
Biological resources (333.95)
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