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The HaloEd Project
Title: The HaloEd Project
Creator: DasSarma, Priya
Publisher: University of Maryland / UMBI = University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
Abstract: In the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly important for students to be aware of and understand basic biotechnological and microbiological concepts. As always, these scientific concepts are most effectively conveyed through hands-on laboratory experiences. However, laboratory exercises are challenging because of the potential risk of student exposure to harmful microbes and chemicals, challenges in maintaining sterility of cultures, cost of scientific materials, and length of time required for preparation and laboratory experiments. Because of the urgent need to improve and expand the biotechnology and microbiology component of curricula using novel, safe, and effective approaches, we have developed this web site. As the centerpiece of this project, we have utilized the halophilic microbe, Halobacterium species NRC-1, which has been extensively studied in our laboratory for the last 20 years, as an ideal teaching vehicle. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Halobacteria / Teacher’s nook / Ecology / Role in food chain / Motility / Radiation resistance / Cellular energetics / Physiology / Genome sequence / Bioinformatics / Biotechnology / Patents / Lesson plans /Co-teaching hints / Molgent
Subject: Biochemical genetics in plants and microorganisms (572.82);
Education, research, related topics (578.07);
Specific topics in natural history of microorganisms, fungi, algae (579.1)
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