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Digital Historic Garden Literature
Title: Digital Historic Garden Literature
Title alternative: Digitalisierte historische Gartenliteratur : Eine Linksammlung
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Creator: Wimmer, Clemens Alexander
Publisher: Bücherei des deutschen Gartenbaus
Abstract: If all the books in the world were to be digitised, some contemporaries believe the horticultural library (Bücherei des deutschen Gartenbaus, Potsdam) would be superfluous, as all books would be on the Internet. We do not believe that it will come to that. However, various institutions worldwide have begun to digitise historial literature and make it available on the Internet. Among them is, already, a good number of horticultural books. A specific title can be easily found on the Internet. It is difficult, however, to find an overview of digitised horticultural literature. As the few horticultural books are lost in the flood of other books, we found it useful to filter them out for quick retrieval. Botanical, architectural, literary and sivicultural works are selected for inclusion. Works that are plain text and not scans are not included. [Information of the supplier, translated]
Subject: Orchards, fruits and forestry (634);
Garden crops (horticulture), Vegetables (635)
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Language: English; German
Format: website
Resource type: Access on historical literature;
Discipline based portals and link collections
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