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Blattodea Species File Online
Title: Blattodea Species File Online
Creator: Beccaloni, George
Contributor: Eades, David C.
Abstract: The Blattodea Species File (BSF) is a taxonomic database of the scientific names of the world's cockroaches (order Blattodea or Blattaria), excluding fossil species and the termites. Note that until recently the termites were treated as a separate order, Isoptera, but recent work confirms that they are a lineage of cockroaches. The BSF has full synonymic information for about 4,560 valid cockroach species and it currently contains a total of approximately 6,420 scientific names (all ranks, valid and not valid). In the future we aim to include (amongst other things) images of specimens in museums (especially types), plus pictures of living cockroaches in the wild and in captivity. [Information of the supplier]
Full reference citations are (or will be) included in the BSF.
Subject: Apterygota, Orthoptera and related orders (595.72)
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Metadata update date: 2009-08-27
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