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The Linnean Collections
Title: The Linnean Collections
Creator: Linnean Society of London <London>
Publisher: University of London Computer Centre / Digital Preservation group
Abstract: This digital archive of unique material relating to the society's priceless collections of specimens, manuscripts and letters will enable full global access for investigation allowing researchers to rapidly check details of the specimens on-line, including morphological details and written data. The information is of critical importance to correct naming and identification of specimens. The type specimens represent the original concept of new species, exemplified by the specimens and illustrations used when assigning binomial scientific names, the foundation stones of taxonomy. The Herbarium archive contains all 14,300 Linnaean plant specimens. This first phase of the Insects archive contains the Linnaean and Smithian butterflies and moths only. The remaining insects from the collection will be made available during 2009. The Fish archive contains all the 158 Linnaean fish specimens. [Information of the supplier]
You can view items in the repository without registering. However if you register with The Linnean Collections you will be able to save searches and bookmark items.
Table of contents: Herbarium / Insects / Fish / Correspondence / Search
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (578.074);
Classification in botany (580.12);
Classification in zoology (590.12)
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