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Animal Info - Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals
Title: Animal Info - Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals
Title abbreviated: Animal Info
Title alternative: Animal Info - Information on Endangered Mammals
Creator: Massicot, Paul
Abstract: Animal Info provides information on endangered mammals. If you are looking for a specific species, use the Individual Species Index, which includes common and scientific names. Use the Species Group Index to browse through a list of the common names of each species grouped by category (e.g. "Cats"). You can also Search the site below. Once at an individual species' page, a summary about the animal's biology and history can be obtained from the Profile section near the top of the page, giving details on status and trends (such as distribution and IUCN category), and relevant biological and ecological data with references. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Rare and endangered animals (591.68);
Mammals (599)
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Language: English
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