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Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe
Title: Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe
Publisher: Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e. V.
Abstract: Since 1984, the Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe has been dedicated to the conservation of gorillas, especially the mountain gorillas, and their habitats. The Board consists of three honorary members who contribute their skills and experience in different disciplines. As project planning has to incorporate not only biological but also economic, social and political aspects, this multidisciplinary approach is very important. We focus our work on the eastern gorillas by supporting projects contributing to the conservation of these animals. Occasionally, we also support projects for the conservation of certain populations of western gorillas that are particularly at risk. In addition, we support research activities of (predominantly local) scientists. With competent members the Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe also takes part in population censuses and ecological studies. Finally, we provide necessary equipment to support the important work of the rangers. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Mountain Gorillas / Rainforest / Gorilla-Journal / Bushmeat-Crisis / Great Ape Project / Gorillas in their Home / Everyday Life of the Gorillas / The Social Gorillas / Uganda / Rwanda / Democratic Republic of the Congo / Facts about Gorillas / Gorilla-Tourism
Subject: Organizations and management (570.6);
Rare and endangered animals (591.68);
Primates (599.8)
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Spatial coverage: Democratic Republic of the Kongo, Rwanda, Burundi;
Uganda and Kenya
Audience: Beginner; Intermediate
Language: English; German
Format: website
Resource type: Non-governmental organisations;
Discipline based websites
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