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Stiftung Artenschutz
Title: Stiftung Artenschutz
Publisher: Stiftung Artenschutz
Abstract: The Stiftung Artenschutz (“Species Conservation Foundation”) is a joint initiative, currently comprising 45 respected zoos and nature conservation organisations. The foundation aims to preserve animal species (and their natural environment) which, although under severe threat of global extinction, do not have a strong enough lobby for their conservation. The Species Conservation Foundation achieves its goals through the joint initiative of currently 43 zoos and several nature conservation organisations, which provide public relations and financial support. International species conservation attains a new dimension through this concentration of specialists and funds. The work of the foundation and its partners and the sponsor commitment will be effectively communicated to over 20 million people every year. The innovative aspect of the Species Conservation Foundation’s concept is the idea of winning businesses as exclusive sponsors for a certain animal species in addition to conventional canvassing for donations and sponsorship. Support from these businesses makes it possible to implement conservation measures conceived by specialists for the highly endangered species. In return the sponsors will appear as exclusive sponsors together with their species on the Foundation Info Boards in all participating zoos, a measure which also offers great publicity. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Species Conservation / Nature Conservation Organisations / Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkeys in Vietnam / Philippine Spotted Deer / Golden-headed Langur in Vietnam / Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity / Hornbills / Species List / Support Options / Foundation Info Boards / Structure of the foundation
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