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Digitale zadenatlas van Nederland
Title: Digitale zadenatlas van Nederland
Title alternative: Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands
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Creator: Cappers, R.T.J.; et al.
Publisher: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen / Groningen Instituut voor Archeologie
Abstract: The Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands, which appeared in June 2006, consists of a book and a website. The atlas is the successor to W. Beijerinck’s seed atlas, of which the 1976 edition has been out of print for many years. The atlas consists of digital photographs, made with the help of a microscope, of the seeds and fruits of over 1800 native plants, adventive plants and naturalized cultivated plants. If relevant, both the front and the back of the seed is shown. In addition, for a large number of genera both the seeds and the fruits are shown. The order of the plant families in the Digital Seed Atlas follows the classification used in the new (23rd) edition of the Heukels’ Flora of the Netherlands. The book is in full colour and hardbound, in A4 size. Each page has 9 colour photographs of seeds and fruits. The atlas contains a total of over 4000 colour photographs. The introduction is in both English and Dutch; at the back of the book are indexes of the Dutch and the scientific names of the plants. On the website you can see all the photographs on a larger scale and in more detail. The website will offer search functions based on the taxonomy used and on the characteristics of the seed. This second option provides a user-friendly way to identify an unknown seed quickly. The origin of every seed is also specified on the website. Purchase of the atlas gives you the right to access the website, which will be managed by the University Library of the University of Groningen. Private individuals will have access to the website by means of a user name and password, institutions through IP address authentication so that all staff will automatically have access to the website without further identification. The Digital Seed Atlas is a treasury of information for everyone who wants to identify seeds and fruits. It will be of use to ecologists, plant taxonomists, palaeobotanists and amateur florists. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Reproductive organs, flowers (575.6)
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Spatial coverage: Netherlands
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