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DNA Data Bank of Japan
Title: DNA Data Bank of Japan
Title abbreviated: DDBJ
Creator: NIG = National Institute of Genetics <Mishima> / Center for Information Biology and DNA Data Bank of Japan
Publisher: NIG = National Institute of Genetics
Abstract: DDBJ (DNA Data Bank of Japan) began DNA data bank activities in earnest in 1986 at the National Institute of Genetics (NIG). From the beginning, DDBJ has been functioning as one of the International DNA Databases, including EBI in Europe and NCBI in the USA as the two other members. Consequently, we have been collaborating with the two data banks through exchanging data and information on Internet and by regularly holding two meetings, the International DNA Data Banks Advisory Meeting and the International DNA Data Banks Collaborative Meeting. DDBJ is the sole DNA data bank in Japan, which is officially certified to collect DNA sequences from researchers and to issue the internationally recognized accession number to data submitters. We collect data mainly from Japanese researchers, but of course accept data and issue the accession number to researchers in any other countries. Since we exchange the collected data with EMBL/EBI and GenBank/NCBI on a daily basis, the three data banks share virtually the same data at any given time. We also provide worldwide many tools for data retrieval and analysis developed by at DDBJ and others. [Information of the supplier]
Sequence Databases
Subject: DNA (Desoxyribonucleic acid) (572.86)
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