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MediGRID - GRID-Computing für die Medizin und Lebenswissenschaften
Title: MediGRID - GRID-Computing für die Medizin und Lebenswissenschaften
Title abbreviated: MediGRID
Creator: Blaurock, Mathias [Redakteur]; Semler, Sebastian [Redakteur]
Publisher: Telematikplattform für medizinische Forschungsnetze (TMV e.V.)
Abstract: Grid computing is regarded as one of the critical success factors in biomedical Research. The joint project MediGRID unifies well known research institutes in the area of medicine, biomedical informatics and life sciences into a consortium. Numerous associated partners from industry, healthcare and research facilities ensure a broad representation of these communities. The main goal of MediGRID is the Development of a Grid middleware integration platform enabling eScience services for biomedical life science. Therefore the consortium allocated the tasks in different modules. The four methodological modules (middleware, ontology, resource fusion and eScience) plan to incrementally develop and provide a Grid infrastructure while taking into account the need of the biomedical users. The user communities are represented in three research modules for biomedical informatics, image processing and clinical research. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Biochemical genetics in animals (572.81);
Medicine and health (610)
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