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Deutsches LTER-Netzwerk
Title: Deutsches LTER-Netzwerk
Title alternative: LTER-D: Long Term Ecological Research - Deutschland
Creator: Klotz, Stefan [Vorstand]; et al.
Abstract: The German network for long term ecological research is intended to be a platform for communication, documentation and collaboration of scientists in long-term, system-oriented and interdisciplinary environmental research in Germany. LTER-D is a member in the international umbrella organisation of LTER (ILTER, It is an open network, which defines itself exclusively by the commitment of the members to their shared goals. Long-term approaches are particularly important in investigations of environmental changes, because such changes usually occur only gradually and with larger temporal fluctuations overlying the trend. Under such circumstances, only an adequately long observation period can be a sound basis to secure results and to support prognoses. The German LTER is still in the starting phase. The first workshop for mutual information and orientation was held in Duderstadt, central Germany, 24-26 March 2004. At this meeting, scientists from the institutions in Germany, which perform long-term ecological research in all relevant ecosystem types from the high mountains to the Wadden Sea, presented their concepts and results. The diversity, quality and potential of German LTER showed up clearly, and in future it will be further augmented by integrating LTER-D into the global ILTER-process. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Specific ecosystem processes (577.1);
Historical, geographic, persons treatment (578.09)
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