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List of Bumblebees of the World
Title: List of Bumblebees of the World
Creator: Williams, Paul
Publisher: The Natural History Museum
Abstract: Nearly half of the c. 2800 bumblebee names have been published since the last world-wide checklist in 1923. Consequently, there was a need for an overview which, although bound to require revision, might provide an improved framework for more detailed regional studies. This checklist begins to address this need. Inevitably, it cannot be expected to solve all biological and nomenclatural problems, but it is hoped that by identifying some of the major problems it will stimulate further research. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Bumblebee checklist / Bumble bee / Bombus / The World Bombus Fauna / Bumblebee ID / Decline of British Bumblebees / Background on bumblebees / Bumblebee species list / Phylogenetic tree of bumblebees / Bumblebee distribution data
Subject: Hymenoptera (595.79)
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