Detailed overview: - The site for plantgall studies
Title: - The site for plantgall studies
Creator: Bijkerk, Jojanneke
Abstract: A gall is an abnormal growth produced by the host organism in response to the presence of another living organism . If the host is a plant, we call it a plant gall. The galls can be caused by animals (zoocecidia) and also by plants (phytocecidia) or fungi. The most familiar galls are caused by midges, wasps, mites and fungi, but gall-inducing organisms can be found in many more groups of organisms. This website will show you some of them. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Plant gall / What are plant galls / gall midges / Plant gall organisations / Plant gall studies / Gall drawings / Plant gall links / Yet unidentified species / gall inducing flies / gall wasps / gall mites / gall forming aphids / gall forming fungi / gall inducing butterflies / gall forming weevils / gall forming nematodes / plant galls from Belize / Cecidology
Subject: Symbiosis (581.785);
Symbiosis (591.785);
Plant injuries, diseases and pests (632)
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