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Chemikalien-Lager- und Kataster-System (CLAKS)
Title: Chemikalien-Lager- und Kataster-System (CLAKS)
Title abbreviated: CLAKS
Title alternative: Verwaltung von Chemikalien (CLAKS)
Creator: LCI Publisher GmbH
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: CLAKS (R), stands for “Chemical and Hazardous Substances Inventory Management System” and has been used in the Chemistry Department of the University of Hamburg since 2003 for the administration, ordering, and cataloguing of chemicals. On these pages are found some selected data sets from the CLAKS (R) database to indicate the extent of the substance selection. The entire database encompasses more than 130000 substances with references to 300 individual laws and directives. CLAKS (R) is published by LCI Publisher GmbH. Amongst other things, CLAKS® offers the following functions: substance information; dangerous materials information; safety data sheets; recommendations for alternative substances and derivatives. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
Subject: Chemistry and allied sciences (540)
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