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Australian Museum - Find a Fish
Title: Australian Museum - Find a Fish
Creator: Australian Museum <Sydney, Australia>
Abstract: You can use the general search at the top of every page to find a particular fish by its scientific, common or family name or use the fish finders on the Find a fish page to locate your species of interest. [Information of the supplier, modified]
The recently refurbished Australian Museum website provides access to its fact sheets of fishes of the Australian waters via a searchable database form or via alphabetically ordered lists of five different fish classes.
Table of contents: Ichthyology / Fish collection / Find a fish / fishes / actinopterygii / sarcopterygii / chondrichthyes / myxini / ray-finned fishes / sharks / rays / chimaera / chimaeras / coelacanth / lungfishes / finders
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (590.74);
Marine animals (591.77);
Cold-blooded vertebrates, Pisces (fishes) (597)
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