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Molluscs of Central Europe
Title: Molluscs of Central Europe
Title alternative: Systematische Übersicht der Land- und Süßwassermollusken Nord- und Mitteleuropas
Creator: Wiese, Vollrath [Redaktion]; et al.
Publisher: Haus der Natur
Abstract: The list of the molluscs of central Europe is still being compiled. It began in a workshop. The aim of the workshop was the compilation of a list in which the nomenclatural changes in standard works (Zilch 1962, Kerney/Cameron/Jungbluth 1983) were to be justified. Unfortunately the explanations of some authors were somewhat fragmentary. Changes suggested by the CLECOM list, the annotated species list of French domestic molluscs and Fauna Europaea are successively integrated into the present list; up to now, they have been taken into consideration only in parts. All colleagues are urgently asked to contribute to the improvement of the list with their (short!) comments (if necessary with literature references). Comments may be given with author’s names. According to the workshop's decision the list should be impersonally cited as a whole under the authorship “German Malacozoological Society”, citation suggestion: “German Malacozoological Society – Nomenclature List (As of: 17.08.2007)". [Information of the supplier, translated]
Subject: Mollusks and molluscoids (594)
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Spatial coverage: Central Europe, Germany
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