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BUKO-Kampagne gegen Biopiraterie
Title: BUKO-Kampagne gegen Biopiraterie
Creator: BUKO = Bundeskoordination Internationalismus / Kampagne gegen Biopiraterie
Abstract: The aim of the BUKO Campaign against Biopiracy is to make the political, social and economical components of biodiversity public. It criticises the way in that biological diversity is only discussed as a topic in conservation. This disguises the fact that it is being appropriated by multinational concerns, in conjunction with government research institutes. This is biopiracy. This rejection is accompanied by a radical critique of north-south relations as well as global capitalism, its forms of domination and power structures. The campaign aims to build resistance against biopiracy as well as discuss and support social alternatives. [Information of the supplier, translated]
Subject: Biological resources (333.95);
Agriculture and related technologies (630);
Political sciences (Politics and government) (320)
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