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Gernot Katzers Gewürzseiten
Title: Gernot Katzers Gewürzseiten
Creator: Katzer, Gernot
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: On these pages, I present solid information on (currently) 117 different spice plants. Emphasis is on their usage in ethnic cuisines, particularly in Asia; furthermore, I discuss their history, chemical constituents, and the etymology of their names. Last but not least, there are numerous photos featuring the live plants or the dried spices. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Indices / Alphabetic Index / English Index / lists English synonyms and botanical names / Geographic Index / Morphologic Index / Botanic Index / Spice Mixture Index / Other Texts / Overview / Introduction / Literature / WEB-Pointers / Spice Sources / List of Pictures
Subject: Beneficial plants (581.63)
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Language: English; German
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