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BioText Search Engine
Title: BioText Search Engine
Title alternative: BioText Search Engine - Search over more than 150 Open Access Journals
Creator: Hearst, Marti [Project leader]; Arkin, Adam [Project leader]
Publisher: University of California
Abstract: Developed as part of the BioText project at the University of California, Berkeley, the BioText Search Engine is a freely available Web-based application that provides biologists with new ways to access the scientific literature. The interface has been carefully designed according to usability principles and techniques. Three views allow different types of browsing: (A) Abstracts (List View): Allows users to search over titles, abstracts and authors. Returns a list of abstracts showing the figures associated with each article. (B) Captions (List View): Allows users to search over captions. Returns a list of captions and their figures. (C) Captions (Grid View): Allows users to search over captions. Returns figures and truncated captions in a grid arrangement. The system uses Lucene for the underlying indexing, and users can use all the Lucene operators in their search queries. The search engine is a work in progress and more functionality will be added over time. The system indexes all open access articles available at PubMed Central. New articles are indexed daily. The current collection consists of more than 150 journals, 20,000 articles, and 80,000 figures. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Biochemistry (572);
Medicine and health (610)
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Language: English
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