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FLOWer database - A Plant DNA Flow Cytometry Database
Title: FLOWer database - A Plant DNA Flow Cytometry Database
Title abbreviated: FLOWer database
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Creator: Loureiro, Joao; et al.
Abstract: Estimation of nuclear DNA content is the most frequent application of flow cytometry in plants. The growing number of publications in this field calls for an efficient tool to access and analyze the published information. The FLOWer database is a unique resource that lists all publications on DNA flow cytometry and enables their quantitative evaluation. Unbiased data can be obtained on taxonomic groups that were analysed, the use of nuclear isolation buffers and methods of standardization, including DNA reference standards, the use of fluorochromes and measures of result quality. The objective(s) of individual studies can be assessed as well as the flow cytometers that were used, scientific journals in which the results were published and countries of author's origin. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Cell biology in plants and microorganisms (571.62);
Biochemical genetics in plants and microorganisms (572.82);
Genetics of plants (581.35)
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