Detailed overview: - the official home of the Wollemi Pine
Title: - the official home of the Wollemi Pine
Publisher: Wollemi Pine International Pty Ltd
Abstract: The Wollemi Pine is one of the world's oldest and rarest tree species belonging to a 200 million year old plant family. It was known from fossil records and was presumed extinct until it was discovered in 1994 in the Wollemi National Park just outside Australia's largest city, Sydney. The mission of Wollemi Pine International is to conserve the Wollemi Pine for future generations and to raise awareness of conservation internationally. Through public participation, we will repopulate the Wollemi Pine and return royalties to fund conservation of the Pines in the wild and other threatened and endangered species. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Wollemi Pinie/ Living fossile / Araucariaceae / Wollemia / Conifers / Wollemi Pine Conservation Club / Wollemia Care Information
Subject: Rare and endangered plants (581.68);
Trees (582.16);
Pinophyta (Gymnosperms), Coniferales (Conifers) (585)
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