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The Environment Observation Conference
Title: The Environment Observation Conference
Title abbreviated: EOBC
Title alternative: Die Umweltbeobachtungskonferenz; Le Conférence d'observation de l'environnement
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Creator: Prüeß, Andreas [Council Vorsitz]
Publisher: Umweltrat EOBC
Abstract: As an initiative of environment agencies from Switzerland, Austria and Germany a new platform was launched: The Environment Observation Conference. More than 20 authorities of 6 nations stand behind it. The 1st resolutions have been published here. The working groups work mainly by electronic means. Since June 2007, the Conference is organised by the Environment Observation and Balance Council (EOBC). The 3rd conference will be in 2008, Berne. To the 4th conference in 2010 - to be held in the ch-de-fr Upper Rhine region - for the first time also participants others than public bodies will be invited. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: EOBC / Environmental Observation Conference / Council / EU-EMS / Umweltbundesamt / biosphere / hydrosphere / pedosphere / atmosphere / fluxes / technosphere
Subject: Specific ecosystem processes (577.1);
Environmental problems (363.7)
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