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American Fern Society
Title: American Fern Society
Creator: AFS = American Fern Society
Abstract: The American Fern Society is over 100 years old. With over 900 members worldwide, it is one of the largest international fern clubs in the world. It was established in 1893 with the objective of fostering interest in ferns and fern allies. To this end it encourages correspondence and the exchange of information and specimens between members via its newsletter the Fiddlehead Forum. This web page is designed to expand on this exchange of information with amateurs and professionals around the world. We hope that in this way many more people will be able to explore these interesting plants and their allies. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: AFS Home / AFS Speakers List / Contact Page / Fern Basics / Fern Forum / Growing Ferns / Illustrated Glossary (offsite) / Links / Membership / New ARPR / Photo Gallery / Pteridologia / Spore Exchange / Sub-Agent-Info
Subject: Pteridophyta (Vascular seedless plants) (587)
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