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BioMoby - A world of data at your fingertips
Title: BioMoby - A world of data at your fingertips
Title abbreviated: BioMoby
Creator: Anonymus
Abstract: The MOBY system for interoperability between biological data hosts and analytical services: The MOBY-S system defines an ontology-based messaging standard through which a client will be able to automatically discover and interact with task-appropriate biological data and analytical service providers, without requiring manual manipulation of data formats as data flows from one provider to the next. [Information of the supplier]
Citation from "BioMOBY: An open source biological web services proposal" by Mark D. Wilkinson and Matthew Links 2002 (Briefings In Bioinformatics 3:4. 331-341.): "BioMOBY is an Open Source research project which aims to generate an architecture for the discovery and distribution of biological data through web services; data and services are decentralised, but the availability of these resources, and the instructions for interacting with them, are registered in a central location called MOBY Central."
Subject: Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy (570.28)
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