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Forest Ecosystems Research Center
Title: Forest Ecosystems Research Center
Title abbreviated: FZW
Creator: Wiedey, Gustav-Adolf
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: The Forest Ecosystems Research Center (Forschungszentrum Waldökosysteme or FZW) is part of the Forest Faculty of the University of Göttingen and carries out research into structural dynamics and element recycling processes in sylvan ecosystems as well as into the adaptability of forests in the face of environmental change. This includes study of the interaction between the ecosystems and their environment and the new types of forest damage. Last not least, these investigations also lead to an appraisal of commercial feasibility. The aim is to find out under which conditions sustainable forest management is possible. These conditions include natural factors such as climate and soil development as well as human factors such as the use of biomass and atmospheric pollution. Thus the Research Center studies the effects of atmospheric element deposition and forest management on sylvan ecosystems as well as the effects element outflow has on the environment of these ecosystems. An analysis of cause and effect is a condition for establishing critical loads and taking suitable measures for the stabilisation of sylvan ecosystems. Only in this way can detrimental environmental effects - such as on ground water - be avoided and sustainable forest management implemented. The Forest Ecosystems Research Center co-ordinates and integrates a number of different projects on this subject and supports close co-operation with institutions not belonging to the University. Activities include the organisation of conferences and the establishment of contacts with institutes and scientists. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Forest ecology (577.3);
Forest lands (333.75)
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