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Xenbase: A Xenopus laevis and tropicalis Web Resource
Title: Xenbase: A Xenopus laevis and tropicalis Web Resource
Creator: Bowes, Jeff; et al.
Abstract: A database of information pertaining to the cell and developmental biology of the frog, Xenopus. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: community / Xenopus genome / genomic tools / gene expression / NIH X resources / maps, movies of anatomy and fate / search / cell biology / literature / genetics / methods, materials / Xine newsletter
Subject: Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy (570.28);
Reproduction, development, growth in animals (571.81);
Amphibia (597.8)
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Audience: Experts
Language: English
Format: website
Resource type: Discipline based portals and link collections
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2007-03-29
Metadata provider: UBFfm
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