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Plants In Motion
Title: Plants In Motion
Title alternative: Les plantes en mouvement
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Creator: Hangarter, Roger P.
Publisher: Indiana University / Department of Biology
Abstract: Plants are in constant motion as they develop, search for light and nutrients, avoid predators, exploit neighbors, and reproduce. Time-lapse photography allows us to easily see the movements of plants and clearly demonstrates that plants are living organisms capable of some extraordinary things. The movies on this site show a variety of plants living out their dynamic lives. [Information of the supplier]
Note: the movies on this site are in QuickTime format. The QuickTime plug-in is available for free.
Table of contents: Movie Categories (Germination, Photomorphogenesis, Tropisms, Nastic Movements, Circadian Responses, General Growth, Flowers, Cellular Responses) / Teaching & Learning Projects (Plant Dance, Making time-lapse movies, Plant projects) / Plants & Art (Plant Art, Plants in Hollywood)
Subject: Reproduction, development, growth in plants and microorganisms (571.82)
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Language: English; French
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