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Dr. Jastrow's electron microscopic atlas
Title: Dr. Jastrow's electron microscopic atlas
Title alternative: Dr. Jastrows EM Atlas
Creator: Jastrow, Holger
Publisher: Universität / Anatomisches Institut / Histologie
Abstract: This electron microscopic atlas contains over 1000 digital images acquired from organs, tissues and cells of mammals and man. It offers informationen about cell organelles and over 175 images labelled in detail as well as a vocabulary of microscopic anatomy. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: The cell: Nucleus / Organelles & Structures of the cytosol / Cell surface / Cell contacts / Cytoskeleton / Extracellular Matrix Tissues: Epithelium / Connective tissue / muscular tissue / nerve tissue Organs: Blood / Blood vessels / Lymphatic organs / Skin & Organs of the senses / Gastrointestinal tract / Respiratory tract / Urogenital tract Technique etc.: Images / Techniques of preparation
Subject: Tissue biology and regional physiology in animals (571.51);
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances in zoology (590.3)
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