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Bestände Aquatischer Genetischer Ressourcen in Deutschland
Title: Bestände Aquatischer Genetischer Ressourcen in Deutschland
Title abbreviated: AGRDEU
Title alternative: AGRDEU - Fachdatenbank für Aquatische Genetische Ressourcen
Creator: IBV = Informationszentrum Biologische Vielfalt <Bonn>
Abstract: The present database documents the indigenous and non-indigenous freshwater fishes and cyclostomes, crabs and mussels found in the Federal German Republic. The bases are the individual fish registries of the federal states and the German Red List, prepared by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. Currently, for 98 endangered fish and cyclostome species countrywide, the Latin, German and English names, species descriptions, population development, lifestyle, and photos are documented together with their references. Some population data are available. In addition 8 crab species are described with their Latin and German names and species description, as well as 7 mussel species with their Latin and German names. The nomenclature is based on the international database FishBase (Kiel). [Information of the supplier, translated]
Subject: Aquatic biology (578.76);
Animals as biological resources (333.954)
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Language: German
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