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Microbial Life - Educational Resources
Title: Microbial Life - Educational Resources
Title abbreviated: MLER
Creator: MBL = Marine Biological Laboratory <Woods Hole, Mass.>; Montana State University <Bozeman, Mont.>
Abstract: MLER aims to provide a contemporary and expanding resource of expert information about the ecology, diversity and evolution of micro-organisms for students, K-12 teachers, university faculty, as well as for the general public. The resources of MLER include materials that can be accessed through the internet and cover microbial ecology, their evolution and diversity. These resources are built around themes. The initial themes will be directed to microbial life in extreme environments and microbial life in oceans. With close ties to the research community, MLER shortens the distance between researchers and students. Our coverage emphasizes the world of microbial organisms - the eubacteria (= bacteria), archaebacteria (= archaea), viruses, and the protists (protozoa, algae, slime molds). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Education (570.71);
Specific topics in natural history of microorganisms, fungi, algae (579.1)
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Audience: Beginner; Intermediate
Language: English
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