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Amphibians of Central Europe - Whose tadpole is it?
Title: Amphibians of Central Europe - Whose tadpole is it?
Title alternative: Amphibien in Deutschland - Frösche, Kröten, Unken, Molche, Salamander
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Creator: Berninghausen, Otto; Berninghausen, Friedo
Contributor: Weck-Heimann, Andreas
Publisher: NABU = Naturschutzbund- Niedersachsen
Abstract: Whose Tadpole is it? Although adult amphibians live generally well hidden and shy, their larvae occur abundantly and are quite easy to catch. However, it user to be very difficult to identify the tadpoles. Berninghausen's -electronic- and waterproof field guide makes it possible even for the inexperienced to dertemine the species on the spot within minutes. [Information of the supplier]
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Subject: Amphibia (597.8)
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Spatial coverage: Central Europe, Germany
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Language: English; German
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