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List of Periodicals Devoted to Succulent Plants
Title: List of Periodicals Devoted to Succulent Plants
Creator: Mace, Tony; Ferrand, Xavier
Publisher: BCSS = British Cactus and Succulent Society
Abstract: In Bradleya 3/1985 Urs Eggli published an article entitled "A Bibliography of Succulent Plant Periodicals". Urs Eggli and the BCSS (Bradleya editor, Gordon Rowley) have kindly given permission for reproduction of this work on-line. Subsequent additions and amendments have been supplied by Urs Eggli, Gordon Rowley and Len Newton in Bradleya 5/1987 and Bradleya 7/1989 and these are now included [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Plants of miscellaneous environments (581.75);
Bibliography (010)
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