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Title: Webvision
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Creator: Kolb, Helga; Fernandez, Eduardo; Nelson, Ralf
Publisher: University of Utah / John Moran Eye Center
Abstract: Vision is the most fundamental of our senses and it is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all when blindness robs us of this modality. Although all parts of the eye are important for perceiving a good image, the most vital layer for vision is the retina. The retina is essentially a piece of brain tissue that gets direct stimulation from the outside world's lights and images. We have tried to present material at the cutting edge of the present knowledge, but in a simple way that is accessible to both expert and non-expert people. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Foundations: Introduction / Gross Anatomy of the Eye / Simple Anatomy of the Retina / How the Retina Works Anatomy and Physiology of the retina: Photoreceptors / Outer plexiform layer / S-Potentials and Horizontal cells / Inner plexiform layer / Morphology and Circuitry of Ganglion cells / Visual Responses of Ganglion cells / Glial cells of the retina Retinal circuits: Circuitry for Rod Signals / Cone pathways through the retina / Roles of Amacrine Cells / AII Amacrine Cells / Midget Pathways of the primate retina underly resolution / S-cone pathways / Feedback Loops Neuroactive Substances in the Retina: General characteristics / The neurotransmitter of neurons of the vertical pathways through the retina is glutamate / Gamma aminobutyric acid / Glycine / Dopamine is present in amacrine cells in the mammalian retina / Acetylcholine / Serotonin / Adenosine may be a retinal neurotransmitter / Substance P occurs in an amacrine type and a ganglion cell type / Other neuropeptides / NADPH-diaphorase staining and the possibility that there are nitric oxide containing neurons in the retina / Amacrine cell populations and mosaics arrangements are revealed by neurotransmitter immunocytochemistry Glutamate and glutamate receptors in the vertebrate retina: Bipolar cell pathways in the vertebrate retina / Development of cell types and synaptic connections in the retina / Formation of Early Retinal Circuits in the Inner Plexiform Layer / Color Vision / GABAc Receptors / Psychophysics of Vision / Primary Visual Cortex / Regeneration in the Goldfish Visual System / Regeneration in the visual system of adult mammals / Fetal tissue allografts in the central visual system of rodents / The Electroretinogram: ERG / Clinical Electrophysiology / Cellular Remodeling in Mammalian Retina Induced by Retinal Detachment / Facts and figures concerning the Human Retina
Subject: Nervous and sensory system (573.8)
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