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IndExs - Index of Exsiccatae
Title: IndExs - Index of Exsiccatae
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Creator: Triebel, D.; Scholz, P.
Publisher: Botanische Staatssammlung / Department of Mycology
Abstract: IndExs comprises information on titles, abbreviations and bibliography of exsiccatae. Exsiccatae are defined here as "published, uniform, numbered sets of preserved specimens distributed with printed labels" (Pfister 1985). Please note that there are two similar latin terms: "exsiccata, ae" is feminine and used for a set of dried specimens as defined above, whereas the term "exsiccatum, i" is neutral and used for dried specimens in general. The output gives you all bibliographically important information on the series: the editor(s), title in its bibliographical correct form, standardized abbreviation of the series as to cite in specimen lists of scientific papers and the place of publication. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (580.74);
Bibliography (010)
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