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Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe
Title: Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe
Creator: LCIE = Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe <Strasbourg>
Abstract: The LCIE has the official status of a Working Group within the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the Word Conservation Union (IUCN). This view is of the LCIE as a node (or hub) in the centre of an expert network that covers a wide range of activity. The LCIE therefore only partially overlaps with many activities for which it can claim at least some credit. These include many of the conservation and / or research projects that core group members and associated partners work with. In addition, will come some projects or specific products that are completely produced under the LCIE umbrella. This will embrace various once-off activities such as guidelines for good conservation practice, letters written, workshops held, position statements developed etc. Finally, our ambition is to contribute to providing the inspiration, methodology, vision and initiation to a wider group of activities conducted by network members, conservationists, managers and researchers throughout Europe, and the rest of the world. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Carnivora, Fissipedia (Land carnivores) (599.7)
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