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The Marine Fauna Gallery of Norway
Title: The Marine Fauna Gallery of Norway
Creator: Telnes, Kåre
Abstract: The purpose of The Marine Fauna Gallery of Norway: to make high quality images of marine fauna available for teachers and students in a need for illustrations; for me personally to get a chance to publish my images; to learn about the fauna I observe during my dives and thereby add some extra meaning to my favorite hobby - scuba diving. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Cnidarians: Hydrozoans / Jellyfish / Soft corals / Sea fans / Sea pens / Stony corals / Tube anemones / Anemones / Comb jellies / Flatworms / Ribbon worms Segmented worms: Bristle worms / Leeches / Echiurans Arthropods: Sea spiders / Crustaceans / Mollusks / Chitons / Sea snails / Sea slugs / Mussels & scallops / Cuttlefish & octopuses / Moss animals Echinoderms: Feather stars / Sea stars / Brittle stars / Sea urchins / Sea cucumbers Chordates: Sea squirts / Agnathans / Cartilaginous fish / Ray-finned fish
Subject: Marine biology (578.77)
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Spatial coverage: North Sea and English Channel
Audience: Beginner; Intermediate
Language: English
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