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Zentrum für Marine und Atmosphärische Wissenschaften, Hamburg
Title: Zentrum für Marine und Atmosphärische Wissenschaften, Hamburg
Title abbreviated: ZMAW
Creator: Universität <Hamburg>; Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie <Hamburg>
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: The Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (ZMAW) represents an institutionalised cooperation between the University of Hamburg and the Max Planck Society, which was created to combine and strengthen Hamburg's existing expertise in marine, climate and earth system research. [Information of the supplier]
Modern environmental and earth system research is interdisciplinary and it entails complex and expensive logistics. Through the cooperation of different disciplines under one roof and the common use of central facilities we are better able to meet the ever-increasing challenges in our field of research. Research on the earth system and its reaction to the effects of human activity is an urgent priority for the international community. It must be achieved through worldwide cooperation in cutting edge research.
Subject: Organizations and management (570.6);
Marine ecology (577.7);
Earth Sciences (550)
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Spatial coverage: Air and water
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