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TransGen Datenbank
Title: TransGen Datenbank
Creator: Bundesverband Verbraucherinitiative e. V. <Berlin>
Abstract: You would like to know where gene technology has possibly been used on plants and foodstuffs? You will find more information in the TransGen database where there are entries for plants, foodstuffs, ingredients, additives, and enzymes. You can access information about the current status of gene technology for almost all crop plants. You can find worldwide statistics concerning releases of GMO into the environment, and approvals. You can make a picture for yourself, to show the production and processing status of genetically manipulated organisms. At present, the database search is made with a search port in the right-hand sidebar of the project website. [Information of the supplier, translated and modified]
Subject: Genetics (576.5);
Agriculture and related technologies (630)
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Audience: Beginner; Intermediate
Language: German
Format: website; database
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Metadata update date: 2009-06-17
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