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Recent Literature on Lichens
Title: Recent Literature on Lichens
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Creator: Culberson, William L.; et al.
Publisher: Botanisk Museum
Abstract: Recent Literature on Lichens is a series published in The Bryologist, a journal of The American Bryological and Lichenological Society. The series aims at listing all recently published papers in lichenology, with a complete bibliographic reference, keywords, and abstract - including mention of all new scientific names and combinations. The authors are William L. Culberson (No 1 - 100, 1951 - 1978), Robert S. Egan (No 101 - 143, 1979 - 1991, and starting again from No 201, 2006), and Theodore L. Esslinger (No 144 - 200, 1991 - 2006). Lists No 1 - 143 have been computerized by Robert S. Egan and lists No 144 - 200 by Theodore L. Esslinger. The database is put on the World-Wide Web by Einar Timdal. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Lichens (579.7);
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