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Plant Resources of Tropical Africa (PROTA)
Title: Plant Resources of Tropical Africa (PROTA)
Title abbreviated: PROTA
Title alternative: PROTA 4 U Web Database
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Creator: Wageningen University <Wageningen>; et al.
Abstract: The programme PROTA is an initiative of Wageningen University, Netherlands. In cooperation with institutes in Africa and Europe, the programme intends to survey, compile, edit, publish and disseminate existing knowledge on some 7000 useful plants of Tropical Africa. (...) The PROTA databank is the basic output of the programme which will ultimately comprise: 6,000-8,000 newly made review articles on the useful plants of Tropical Africa following a standardized format; a unified literature list with an estimated 200,000 references; an estimated 15,000 photographs and drawings; 2,500 geographic distribution maps. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Beneficial plants (581.63)
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Spatial coverage: Africa
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Language: English; French
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Metadata update date: 2013-06-18
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