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Creator: Laboratoire Génome et Informatique <Evry>
Abstract: PHYTOPROT is a database of clusters of plant proteins. All the protein sequences from plants (including Arabidopsis thaliana) available from SwissProt/ TrEMBL have been the subject of an all-by-all systematic comparison and grouped into clusters of related proteins. Within each cluster, the sequences have been submitted to pyramidal classification; in the case where two or several subfamilies have been grouped together, the pyramidal tree helps in finding which sequences make the links between subfamilies. In addition, the `domains' that are common to two or more sequences within a cluster were determined and displayed à la ProDom. The resulting graphical representations proved to be quite efficient in pinpointing those protein sequences suffering from a probable error in the annotation of their genes. The clusters can be searched through various criteria and their pyramidal classifications and their domain representations can be displayed. The user can also launch a BLAST search of a query sequence against all the clusters. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Biochemistry in plants and microorganisms (572.2);
Proteins (572.6)
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